CLAY the Band

CLAY the BAND, originating from Hyderabad, a distinctive city located in the southern part of India, was formed in the year 2003, with a motto to ‘reach the unreached with the truth’. The thirst to evolve as useful vessels for God rose in the life of Lawrence, who is the founder of CLAY-“Carrying light among youth”.

Passionate about music and worship, the band took its form comprising of young, prominent, talented, skillful and blessed men whom God chose as strengthened instruments to fulfill His desire. The band is led by the lead guitarist/vocalist, Lawrence, Accompanied by Jagadish on bass, Gladwin on keys, Prince on guitars and Anil on drums. Music by the Band concentrates on rock, slow and progressive rock genre and also plays all major CCM and rock gospel songs.

Lawrence - Lead Vocals, Songwriter, Lead/Rhythm guitars
Jagdish - Bass guitar
Gladwin - Keys/Backing Vocals
Prince - Lead Guitars
Johnson Louis - Lead Guitars/Background Vocals
Anil - Drums/Percussion