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Khoj - Seek and You Shall Find is a brainchild of Noel Norris and Arpana Phillip. This is their debut album. Noel is a hard rocker, grew up listening to bands like Iron maiden, Metallica and Guns 'n Roses. He learnt to play the guitar at an early age and was part of a gospel band, while working with an NGO dedicated to youth. He runs a guitar school in South Delhi. Arpana is a choir member and has sung in many concerts in Delhi. She is also a student of western classical music. She grew up as a fan of Madonna, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, U2 and Journey, to name a few. At the same time, she loves Asha Bhonsle and R. D. Burman, Alisha Chinoy, Lucky Ali and her favorite folk artist is Bhupen Hazarika. The other artists in the Album are employees of Arijit Saha (the Sufi voice) is an audio engineer, Vineet Panchhi is the CEO, Amit Vishnoi is the Music Director of AudioWagon (the sister concern of and Madhu Mamgain is a female vocalist. It has funded by Mohan Ray and produced at the studio of Jingles. Dehradun.

This Album is about seeking and finding God!
The songs have been composed and written, keeping pace with the young generation which has witnessed 2012. The generation which cannot live without tablets, facebook and pubs!! We have paid careful attention to the lyrics (keeping them neat and yet interesting). The language is Hindustani (a mix of Hindi and the most beautiful language of poetry-Urdu). Our music is influenced by western pop and rock music from the 80's and the 90's and contemporary Sufi style singing. Rhythm has been kept strong to keep that foot tapping and fingers snapping.

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